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Windows Covering

Windows Covering: The right Curtains, Shades, or Shutter can turn any window into a stunning focal point.

When it come to As Four Interiors, it’s easy to overlook your windows, but that shouldn’t be the case. Windows are the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and celebrate the beauty at your Living room. Creative ways to use curtains: Curtains and drapes have the power to change the entire look and feel of a room. It’s amazing how such a simple change or addition can turn any space in the home into a room that looks like it was decorated by a professional interior designer. For example, hanging window curtains just a bit higher and wider than your window frame, you can make a room look taller and bigger! This is the perfect way to hang bedroom curtains and to make your room look bigger! There are so many creative ways to use curtains in your home décor style, whether it’s by using your favorite pattern, hanging style, or by using curtains in a new and creative way. The options are truly limitless when it comes to decorating with curtains and drapes.

Fragment of the beautifully decorated curtains

In partnership with As4interiors, We offer complete custom made to measure curtains, drapes, shades.

Curtains Accessories

American Railing, Rods, Round Railing, Aluminium Railing, Hand Railing, Ti Back Holder, Ti Back, Lining Fabric, Blackout (Sun Blocker)

Control Your Curtains & Window Blinds with Remote

In partnership with As4interiors, We offer complete custom made to measure motorized curtains, drapes, shades & roller blinds.

Interior Designer in Dubai
Interior Designer in Dubai

Roman Blind expertly fitted for your home in Dubai

Roman Blind Shade can add a beautiful and stylish finish to your windows. Real Curtains offers a range of fabrics and designs, all of which are tailored to your requirements. Many of our customers now favor Roman Blind Shades, they give a stylish yet modern finish to any window that allows you to control the flow of natural light into the room. Blackout Roman Blind Shades are also available.

Renovation Companies
Renovation Companies

Roller Blind expertly fitted for your home

Providing complete protection, our collection of blackout roller blinds banishes the sunlight to keep your home shaded whenever you need it. Ideal for the bedroom, they ensure the sun won’t disturb your slumber and they also offer absolute privacy making them perfect for the bathroom too.

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Check our Sofa Re upholstery Option. why buy new when can renew.