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Re Upholstery

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The top re upholstery factory in Dubai can completely transform a piece of furniture.

When a piece of furniture is built well, re-upholstering might even save money than if you were to buy new. That’s not always the case though, so be sure to compare an upholsterer’s quote to the cost of buying new.

Sectional Sofa before our work

Sectional Sofa after our work

A Quiet dinner with family at the end of the long day, a fun Sunday brunch with friends, a hearty breakfast before the start of a Monday – dining chairs silently bear witness as we replenish our reserves before taking on the world. From traditional wooden dining chairs that remind you of Grandpa’s kitchen …

Dining chairs by colour: Colourful dining chairs brighten up any modern dining room! No longer does everything have to match. A single dining chair in an unusual shade becomes a statement piece instead. Express yourself with unusual dining chairs that are both stylish and unique, but still budget friendly and modern.






Check our Sofa Re upholstery Option. why buy new when can renew.

Check our Curtains Offer is going on.

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